Seduced By The Shifter – Sex Shifter Erotica Book 1

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A Sexy Shifter Convinces Deb To Break Her Rule About Men In Bars

This is the first book of the Sex Shifter Erotica series and it is being released exclusively on Amazon Kindle (and available as a free book to Kindle Unlimited users). This book represents a different take on shifter erotica, with the shifter preferring to switch among various human forms rather than taking the shape of an animal. So, if you’re looking for wolves, bears, or other furry beasts, you won’t find it here. On the contrary, Alex, the shifter in question is a successful and refined business man (or woman, depending on what form he or she is currently in) who enjoys the creature comforts of human life. While he has respect for those of his kind who do choose to take to the wild, he really doesn’t understand them, nor does he have any desire to join them.

Deb is a 30-something website designer who unconsciously shields herself from the attention of men that deep down she desperately craves. After a particularly hard day she has stopped off after work – alone as usual – for a drink at the neighborhood bar. Little does she know that her evening is about to take a bizarre turn and that she’ll soon be violating one of her standing rules regarding men – a violation that will bring her the most pleasurable erotic experience of her life, but also may radically alter her life as she knows it!

*Content Warning: This book contains explicit sexual content. It is intended for mature audiences 18 years and older only. All characters depicted are age 18 or older.



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