No Holds Barred – MMA Fighter Homoerotica Book 3

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Jake Goes All In And Fights In His First “Trunkless Tuesday” Bout!

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Desperate for money, amateur MMA fighter Jake Parsons joined Fight Club – an underground and online club where the fights aren’t just for money – the loser of each fight must service the winner sexually, the specific act determined by chance. Jake is straight – at least he thought he was, but certain physical reactions during his activities at the club have given him cause to wonder. Although he initially had misgivings about the potential consequences of losing a fight, the financial opportunity of Fight Club is simply too good to give up. With his record now at 1 and 1, Jake has decided to go all in and make as much money as possible. As part of that commitment, he’s agreed to fight in a “Trunkless Tuesday” bout – in which the fighters are nude except for their gloves. Jake is about to learn that there’s one additional rule for Trunkless Tuesday bouts that don’t apply to the regular fights. While Fight Club is already “no holds barred” for the most part, the rule for Trunkless Tuesday takes it to a new extreme. It’s no longer enough to keep his guard up. In his next fight, Jake will have to be careful to protect things below the belt as well!

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*Content Warning – This book contains explicit depictions of sexuality and is intended for mature audiences only.  All characters depicted are age 18 or older.

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