Gender Bender – Sex Shifter Book 2

Deb’s Got A Big, Hard Problem!

Deb’s Got A Big, Hard… Situation To Deal With!

In the first book of the Sex Shifter series, lonely web designer Deb stopped off at a neighborhood bar to soothe her nerves following a particularly hard day at work. There she was approached by a mysterious man with sparkling green eyes who turned out to not actually be a man at all, but a shapeshifter named Alex, who preferred to take the form of various humans rather than the animal forms typically used by his kind. Deb initially resisted the shifter’s advances, but soon she found herself violating her standing rule to never hook up with men from bars and she took Alex to her place to investigate just how good his shape shifting (and other) abilities were. After a night of passion, Deb woke to discover that the encounter had left her a changed woman – that is, if a woman with a rather large penis could still be considered a woman!

Join Deb and Alex now in Gender Bender as they try to deal with this big, hard problem as best they can!

*Content Warning – This book contains explicit depictions of sexuality and is intended for mature audiences only.  All characters depicted are age 18 or older.


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