First Rule of Fight Club – MMA Fighter Homoerotica Book 1

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This Fight Club Has Some Different Rules!

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Jake Parsons was desperate. He had less than a day to get enough money to avoid being evicted, and his prospects weren’t looking good. A chance meeting at the gym with Lance, a guy who used to bully him in high school, soon changed everything. Not only would Lance provide the opportunity for Jake to make the short-term cash he needed to keep a roof over his head, there was an opportunity for him to make a lot more money in the long run if his mixed martial arts skills were up to the task. That is, if Jake was willing to accept certain consequences for losing a bout – consequences of a homosexual nature that the decidedly straight Jake would never have considered before!

Now, Jake must meet with the owner of the fight club to find out more about the rules and to decide if he really can go through with it. Is the money worth it? Can he really put himself in the position where he’d routinely have to pleasure other men? Read on to begin the hot man on man action of the MMA Fighter Homoerotica series and learn The First Rule of Fight Club!

*Content Warning – This book contains explicit depictions of sexuality and is intended for mature audiences only.  All characters depicted are age 18 or older.

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