Bigfoot and the Biologist – Sex With Bigfoot Book 3


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Janae Is Skeptical of the Claims, But She’s Pleasantly Surprised To Discover That Not Only Does Bigfoot Exist, He Can Fill Her Like No Man She’s Ever Known!

In Bigfoot and the Kinky Couple, Sex With Bigfoot, Book 2, Janae and the rest of the film crew for the reality television show Discovering Bigfoot had arrived at the lodge just after Bob and Kim had taken video of themselves having sexual relations with the legendary beast. Always the skeptic, Janae still wasn’t convinced even after the couple showed her the video, but what the biologist saw definitely piqued her excitement that maybe Bigfoot was real, as well as aroused her desire to have her own sexual encounter with the hugely-endowed creature.

*This book contains explicit erotic content including monster sex and huge size penetration, and is intended for mature audiences age 18 and older only.



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