Bait and Switch – Sex Shifter Book 3

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Hard!

Deb’s Got A Big Surprise For The Player Who Humiliated Her!

This is the third book of the Sex Shifter Erotica series and it is being released exclusively on Amazon Kindle (and available as a free book to Kindle Unlimited users).

At the end of the second book in the series, Deb and the Asian female version of Alex were on the prowl at an exclusive club, looking for opportunities for Deb to further experiment with her new sexual equipment. The outing was almost cut short when Deb spotted a man who had once pretended to be interested in her to get in her pants before brushing her off, leaving her hurt and humiliated. Rather than leaving the club though, Alex talked Deb into staying and taking the opportunity to exact her revenge on the creep.

Now, Deb and Alex go forward with the plan to play the player…

*Content Warning – This book contains explicit depictions of sexuality and is intended for mature audiences only.  All characters depicted are age 18 or older.

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