Engorged and Tingly

Erotica by Hauten Whett

*Adult Content Warning -  This Site Contains Erotic Stories Intended for Mature Audiences Aged 18 and Older.*

Who  Is Hauten Whett?

Hauten Whett (Get it? They're in the shower, so they're Hot 'N Wet - I know, I know, I'm as incredibly witty as I am sexy!)


A Solo Picture Of Hauten Whett (OK, not really, but it's a VERY close resemblance - except that I have better abs!)

I am!  I am!

Hauten Whett is the pen name I've chosen for my works of erotica.  I write other fiction (mostly  science fiction and humor/satire) and non-fiction (health-related) under different pen names and you are more than welcome to contact me for information about my non-erotic books.

Although I am a straight male (sexually speaking that is - physically I'm kind of bent forward from sitting at my computer way too much!), I enjoy writing a wide variety of stories, including gay and bisexual erotica.  Some may question just how straight I am if I'm writing gay erotica, but if simply writing about gay sex makes me gay, I would have to assume that J.K. Rowling is a wizard.  Even so, if it makes you happy and/or makes my stories seem hotter if you think of me as bisexual, or even gay for that matter, knock yourself out.

I particularly like the themes of exhibitionism/voyeurism, public sex, and menage/group sex, as these are among my favorite personal kinks and fantasies.  Some of what I write is based on my personal experiences, but (alas) most comes from fantasy and imagination.

As shocking as it may be, I must confess that a certain amount of what I write is a calculated marketing decision.  That's a fancy way of saying I want to make money with my writing and there is definitely some intent on my part to write stories in popular sub-genres of erotica that have a decent chance of getting good sales.  That being said, the thought of writing solely for money seems pretty soul-less, and who wants to crank out a bunch of crappy books that happen to have mass-market appeal if they're not actually fun to write?  [Imagine me making a fake cough noise to cover my shout of  "E.L. James!" here.]  That's too much like a job - and God forbid I have one of those!  OK, in the interest of full-disclosure, I do currently have a job outside of writing, but I sincerely hope to change that as soon as possible!

On the personal side, I live in sin with my long-time girlfriend and 4 cats.  To clarify, the sin is with the girlfriend and NOT the cats (although they sometimes watch)!  I was born and raised in Florida (or as Homer Simpson once called it, "the nation's wang") and have lived in Texas (the oversized rodeo-prize buckle of the bible belt) for the past 30 years or so.  The fact that I have lived exclusively in those two particular states may help to explain my mental state - it's really not my fault, you see!

Anyway, I sincerely hope you enjoy my books and that they turn you on.  Hopefully they will bring you (and whomever you may share your book-induced horniness with) much pleasure.  If you have any questions, comments, requests, and/or the desire to share pictures and/or videos of yourself "enjoying" my books (just kidding - but not really!), please feel free to contact me!