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Welcome to EngorgedAndTingly.com, Home of Erotica Writer Hauten Whett!

Here you will find a variety of erotic books that cover a wide range of "interests" - from straight and bisexual couples exploring new experiences and fantasies to monster and paranormal erotica, to gay male explorations.

Because of the range of topics and depending on the type of erotic stories you prefer, some of my books will likely have more appeal to you than others.  If you want to see more of a certain type of story, feel free to contact me and I will certainly consider writing more of what you're looking for.  I can't guarantee I'll fulfill all requests, and there's certain subject matter I stay away from, such as outright incest (pseudo-incest is a possibility), anything to do with underage sex, violence/rape/torture (I'll consider writing "reluctant", S&M, and consensual rough sex), or scat/"watersports" (just not my thing).   But anything else you'd like to read, please let me know.

For those looking strictly for freebies, there are many opportunities to get free books when you send me your email address above.  In addition to the free 4-book starter library, the first book in each series will usually be available free, either for a limited time (which I send out email notices about) or permanently in  some cases.  While each book in a series does typically lead-in to the next, I make it a point to have each book be a complete story unto itself.  I'm not one to leave you hanging at a crucial point to try to force you to buy the next book.

That being said, I am in this to make money, so the subsequent books in each series after the first one will typically never be available for free.  They will be discounted periodically, and as with the freebies, I send out email notices of these special deals when they are available.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy  your time here on the site and reading my books!

Hauten Whett